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Community Guidelines

Posted by The DomainCord Team|Reading Time: 2 minutes|...

DomainCord is the largest chat community of domain name investors and general enthusiasts. We make a deliberate effort to have a light touch when it comes to moderating, but we do have some expectations of how our members will behave in the server. We rarely ban people (except spammers and extreme bad behavior), those who behave contrary to these guidelines will be told and corrected. Repeated rude behavior might result in being kicked from the server, and re-joining and continuing to behave badly could potentially result in a ban.

This is not a legal document, members should follow the spirit of these guidelines.


    • Participate in good faith. This means asking questions that are meant to be answered, providing advice that is meant to be followed, and otherwise not being disingenuous.

      This isn’t a “no-fun” rule; you won’t be banned for lightheartedly trolling or joking with people in the server who know you. We do expect that the majority of your contributions (outside of off topic channels) will be on topic for the server—requesting or providing domain-related help, discussing domaining and related activities, and attempting to better yourself and advance your career.

    • Read and follow the advice given in the tips page.
    • Don’t derail conversations or snipe people who ask questions.
    • Be friendly and professional. Don’t make people feel stupid for asking a question or belittle their choices or opinions.
    • Don’t direct users to pirated materials.


      • Be welcoming to new joiners.
      • Tell the moderators when somebody has been going above and beyond—help us identify MVPs.
      • Report spammers and unwelcoming behavior to moderators and admins.
      • Answer more questions than you ask.
  2. MVPs

    All of the above, and:

    • Be consistently among the most helpful members of the server for an extended period of time.
    • We don’t collect metrics on this, but it should be obvious to any active member who deserves this recognition.
    • Be humble.


      • Help the mods direct traffic through the server.
      • If a question is better suited for a different channel (or server!), direct them where to take it.
      • If a question has gone unacknowledged, ask for more information.
      • Refocus conversations when they get off track.

    All of the above, and:

    • Handle spammers.
    • Take an active role in fostering a welcoming and positive environment.


      • Contribute to meta conversations around running the community.
      • Build and maintain a new part of the community.

    All of the above, and:

    • Keep the community running smoothly.